The 2023 RMF AGM will be held Nov 8th,  7:00pm at the RMF Headquarters Building 200 E Assiniboine Ave at Leibel Field. 

Our Members AGM Package will be available electronically. Click on the items listed below:

2023 AGM Information

2022 Financial Statement 

2022 Minutes from AGM meeting

2023 AGM Agenda  If you would like something added to the agenda send it by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2023 Programs Report


2022 AGM Information

2021 Financial Statement 

2021 Minutes from AGM meeting

2021 Questions not answered

2022 AGM Agenda 

2022 Programs Report

2021 AGM Information

2020 Financial Statement 

2020 Minutes from the Face Book AGM meeting

2020 Q & A Competition Committee Response.

2021 AGM Agenda 

2021 Programs Report


2020 AGM Information

2020 AGM Agenda 

2019 Financial Statement

2019 AGM Minutes