Managers Manual 2020

Welcome to RMF Football and thank you in advance for volunteering your time to manage the team.  Without volunteers such as you, our league would not be able to run. We hope that this manual provides you with an overview of the football season, gives you an idea of what to expect as a Team Manager and becomes a good point of reference.  Len Antonini will be your contact for information.  The primary method of communication between the office and Team Managers will be email, so please be sure we have an email address for you that you check daily.  The RMF email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

RMF Contact List

Team Managers are very important to a successful Season and serve as a liaison between the parents and the League and also assist the Head Coaches with off-field activities and administration.

We have detailed below some of the responsibilities and duties of a Team Manager and have attached all documents for your use. 


RMF requires a Team Personnel Information Sheet listing all persons associated with your team this year.  This form should have been submitted by your Head Coach by July 28, 2020.

2. Team Fees and Budget

Team Fees:

A team budget should be set based on the decisions made by the Parents regarding what extras they are willing to pay for (remembering that it is all optional).  There will be some incidental team needs such as ice packs, tape, pro wrap, etc. 

Team Account:

We strongly suggest that a team account is set up to allow for transparent accounting of funds.  Often one parent volunteers to be the Treasurer for the team – which helps immensely.  This parent should keep track of all the additional fees collected, as well as the spending and must provide a detailed copy of the team’s transactions at the end of the season.  It is recommended that funds are collected once from parents based on the agreed upon team budget.


Prior to Registration Week you will receive an up to date copy of your roster.  The roster will show the players who are required to provide ID (for proof of age) as well as the balance owing on registration fees for the season.   ALL players must be weighed.  Please advise the parents as soon as possible if they owe fees and/or need to provide ID.   

Your assigned date and time is listed on the Registration/Weigh In Schedule. Please have your team at the RMF office at 200 E Assiniboine Avenue (Leibel Field) at least 15 minutes prior to your assigned time.  Line them up in the order they appear on your roster.  Players should be dressed in only shorts and a t-shirt.  Confirm with each player that they have their registration payment and ID in their hands.

Fee Payment:  Payments can be made online, by cash, cheque or money order.  Cheques can be made payable to RMF and CANNOT be post-dated. If parents want to pay online, they must print and bring a copy of the PayPal receipt.

ID: Acceptable forms of ID include birth certificate, provincial health card, passport or government ID. 

Review the Registration/Weigh In Information to ensure you understand the procedures.  All players must complete their registration and weigh in. There are no exceptions, so ensure your parents understand that if their son/daughter misses the team’s scheduled weigh-in, they must make it to one of the alternate dates and cannot play until they have completed their registration requirements.

Players will receive a slip indicating they have completed their registration and are eligible to play.  This slip must come to the Team Manager. 

We will provide a receipt for the fees paid on Registration night. 

Please Remember:  Only coaches, managers and players are allowed into the office for the Registration/Weigh In.


Coaches should have their team’s equipment and their paperwork from the RMF Equipment Manager.  The coach will then arrange for the players to pick up the equipment.  It is strongly recommended that the team manager be in attendance to assist in the equipment distribution to the players.  The helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, game pants and chinstrap are for the player’s use for the season only. 

IMPORTANT:  Please bring the Team Equipment Distribution record sheet to Registration Night. 

Exchanging Equipment

Please review the Equipment Room Schedule and note the dates and times available for equipment exchanges.  Note:  The only people who can make exchanges in the Equipment Room are the coaches or managers – NO PARENTS.  If you are making equipment exchanges, you MUST have your master list with you to allow the list to be amended. 

It is recommended that you have a mid-season audit of the team’s equipment.  This can be done in 15 minutes at a team practice. 


At the end of the season, collect clean game day uniforms (jersey and pants) and RMF equipment.  Our Equipment Manager will contact each team at the end of the season to arrange for the return of equipment.  If you are having difficulties collecting equipment back from any of your players, inform the office as soon as possible so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner.


If a player quits, a release form needs to be completed by the coach and signed by both coach and parent.  Email the office as soon as this happens, then complete the form and submit it to the office, making sure to note the date the player quits.  If the parents are inquiring about a refund, they must provide a written request to the office (email is fine). If a player quits, be sure to collect the equipment back from them as soon as possible to avoid lost equipment. 


An Injury Report should be completed for injuries that take place at practices and games.  During games this report will be completed by the game officials.   Any injures at practice should be recorded by the Manager and/or Coach. These reports are used for statistical purposes and can be handed in at the Game Day Timekeeper’s table or to Game Day Staff.  Extra forms are available from the Game Day Staff. 

Please Note:  An “injury” is considered to be any incident that causes the player to sit out or miss a practice or game.  

Insurance and Ambulance

If a player is injured and requires an ambulance, dental or medical attention, RMF must be contacted immediately so an insurance claim can be filed.  This needs to be done within 30 days of the injury taking place.  A claim must be made through the parent’s insurance company first.  If the parent has no coverage, or only partial coverage, a claim form through our insurance company can be made. 

It is recommended that the manager keep an Emergency Contact / Medical Information Form for each player. 



Your Head Coach is responsible for completing the Coaches Game Sheet.  It must be completed with the players listed numerically and signed by the coach.  All players must be accounted for and listed on the roster.  The roster needs to be handed to the Game Day Officials PRIOR to the start of the game.  More information on completion of the roster (indicating rotation of all players) is available in the Coaches Manual.

Parent Volunteers: 

Game Day Requirements when you are the Visiting Team: When you are the visiting team you require 3 people to do the yardsticks on the sidelines.  They can check in with the Field Supervisor at the Canteen Building prior to the start of the game for any instruction.

Game Day Requirement when you are the Home Team: No 50-50 sales for the 2020 season.    


No out of town travel for 2020. 


Teams will be responsible to organize their own team photos.  Regina Minor Football does not have an official photographer.  Photographers hired by an individual team will not be allowed on the sidelines or the players’ side of the field without a field pass (available from the office).  PARENTS AND SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE SIDELINES AT ANY TIME.


During rainy weather practices may be cancelled.  The City of Regina will post this information on their website  On main page under Sports, Recreation & Culture, then click on Recreation Facilities then on the left hand side click on Athletic Field and Ball diamond Status.  The site is updated weekdays by 3:00 pm and by 8:00 am on weekends.  You are responsible for monitoring the situation and informing your players and parents.  In case of a cancellation once games are re-scheduled they cannot be changed.  If practices are cancelled teams are not allowed to practice on the green spaces.  The City of Regina drives around and monitors fields when they cancel games or practices.  Teams caught practicing could lose their permit for their green space.



   Regina Minor Football (RMF)

    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 932
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    S4P 3B1

    Our office is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)
    Phone: (306) 543-6606

    Our Equipment Room is located at:
    200 Assiniboine Ave E (Leibel Field)


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